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2018 Garden Exchange

The Hilltown Garden Exchange will take place May 12, 2018 at the Pavilion at The Berne Town Park. Since it is Mother’s Day Weekend, why not bring Mom along! What is a Garden Exchange you ask? Well, in simple terms, its a plant swap! With the popularity of gardening growing, so do the prices of plants and gardening supplies. Our plant swap allows you to trade in varieties that you have an abundance of, for varieties that you would like to add to your garden. Along the way, you connect with other gardeners who share your passion. If you are a gardener want- to-be, this event can get you started.

In early Spring, get into you garden and and begin to look for plants starting to green up and start dividing them. Pot up some of your extras in nice soil so they have a chance to grow into the pot. Waiting until a day or two before the swap often puts the plants into a bit of shock and they become floppy and wilted. Don’t think you have any plants worth swapping? How about side shoots (sucker growth) from lilac, forsythia, berry bushes or hydrangeas? These were some of the first scooped up last year. Or possibly ground covers such as ivy, myrtle, or pachysandra? Even hardy old standbys like hostas, day lilies or lily of the valley might be exactly what someone is looking for. If you prefer annuals, start some extra seedlings of veggies or flowers to swap this year. There is something for everyone and last year every plant found a new home! Bulbs such as dahlias, cannas, and gladiolus are winners too. Bring them along.

Set up will take place, rain or shine, between 10am-11am with the swap starting at 11am. Thanks to many generous donors in previous years, we had plenty of extras to allow new gardeners, with little to contribute, to take some starters. We are asking for the same again this year to keep the good gardening karma going. If you bring 10 plants, feel free to take 10 plants. We will try to arrange categories of plants so that it will be easier to know what you are looking for. Towards this goal, we ask that you label your donations with at least the name if you know it, and maybe height or color.

Again this year, we are honored to partner with Emm’a Incredibles who will be having a benefit Lemonade Stand and Bake Sale! Emma Detlefsen, 9,  from Berne, lives with Lymphedema on a daily basis, and has been an active advocate and fundraiser for finding a cure for this disease. Our plant swappers last year helped contribute over $500.00 towards Emma’s fundraising. She was named a Youth Ambassador for the Lymphatic Education and Research Network, and her Spring lobbying appearances on their behalf include the NYS Capital and the Nations Capital in Washington DC. Emma’s contributions and advocacy have also been recognized by Albany county and the Towns of Berne and Knox.

The Hilltown Garden Exchange is sponsored by Debra and Haytham Bajouwa, Licensed Real Estate Salespersons with CM Fox Real Estate, 2390 Western Ave. Guilderland NY. For more information about this event, please call Debra at 491-2212 or e-mail
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