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As a Certified Buyer Representative, Debra Bajouwa assists pre-approved and pre-qualified buyer clients search for their new homes. Whether a first time or veteran buyer, the guidance of a real estate professional is very important to a successful transaction.

Many buyers start their home search online, driving slowly through neighborhoods searching for signs, or catching an open house here and there. A common misconception is that engaging a buyer agent will cost them a fee at a time when saving for a downpayment or closing costs is a high priority. In the majority of real estate sales transactions, any fee paid to a buyer agent will be paid for by the seller of the property from proceeds of the sale. There may be a few instances when a buyer would have to contribute to that fee, such as with the purchase of a “For Sale by Owner” property when no commission is offered. Also, a low commission offered by a seller, below the agreed percentage between buyer and agent, may result in the buyer providing part of the compensation. These scenarios can be discussed at the time of signing an Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement.

When you have your own buyer agent working for you, the list of benefits is substantial.

~Explains Agency options and contracts

~Use the resources of the updated MLS service to have up to the minute data on available homes

~Identify and assist with showings of properties that meet your criteria, both listed and unlisted

~Provide accurate information and disclose material facts

~Promote and protect your best interests, and keep your bargaining and financial information confidential

~Review and provide market analysis for properties of interest

~Assist with writing the purchase offer and negotiating terms right for you

~Provide professional resources such as lists of attorneys, lenders, inspectors and specialty consultants with the goal of a successful closing

~Provide you with research sources for questions regarding communities and schools

~Provide access to the property for inspections and final walk through tours

~Follow up with last minute questions to insure that the property closing and transfer happen in a timely manner

Given the busy lives that most people have these days, it only makes sense to have your own advocate when contemplating a new home purchase. If you would like the opportunity to speak to Debra about representing you with your purchase, please contact her at (518) 491-2212 or