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Whether you are a first time seller, or have sold many homes over the years, the ever changing real estate market always creates new questions as you prepare to put your home on the market. For the sale of a considerable asset such as your home, having professional guidance is vital to getting the answers you need. Debra Bajouwa has earned the designation of a Seller Representative Specialist, and is prepared to advise you about the home selling process from start to finish.

Price positioning your home correctly in the marketplace is key to the success of your sale. Having a true evaluation done on your home and comparing it to similar homes sold in the area is the best way to help you determine the listing price. A quick visit to an internet site on your own to get a listing price may seem easy, but often the data used for those speedy estimates is no where near as complete as that which is available to a local market specialist. Evaluating the home personally, considering condition, size, features and location are the best tools to determine value. The wrong price on your home will likely mean that the wrong buyers will see it. The end result is a home that sits on the market until corrections are made or the listing period expires. The greatest interest in a new property is in the first few days of the listing. Missing this golden opportunity may lead to disappointment and frustration to a seller and end up costing money in the long run.

Along with the important job of guiding a seller to determine the marketing price for their home, the list below outlines the tasks of a real estate professional and the value they bring to the sale of your home.

~Provide and assist with required agency, disclosures, contractural forms

~Offer confidentiality and fiduciary responsibility to a seller

~Review sale procedures, regulations and closing fees

~Offer counseling on staging and preparing the home for sale and showings

~Provide referrals for other professional service that may be required

~Outline the real estate salesperson’s duties to clients and customers

~Photograph and document features of the property

~Prepare and present the best avenues for marketing

~Determine best practices for communication between agent and seller

~Provide appropriate signage

~Enter data into the Multiple Listing Service to allow other agents to bring qualified buyers to view the property

~Set up automatic showing scheduling service and home access

~Provide feedback of pro’s and con’s from other agents and buyers

~Review offers presented from buyers and counsel sellers on the terms and price offerings

~Negotiate on the sellers behalf with other agents representing the potential buyers

~Provide attorneys with contracts for approvals

~Assist with coordination of required inspections

~Monitor the progress of the closing process to a successful outcome

~Assist the sellers with the purchase of their next home or provide out of town agent referrals

If you are thinking about selling your home on your own, have you considered the time, resources and knowledge needed to successfully accomplish this yourself?